Faculty of Theology in the Ernst Lohmeyer Building

Theology in Greifswald

Of all the academic disciplines, theology takes the closest look at the entire period of human life on earth and at the related questions regarding the meaning and aim of life, the guidelines for human actions, mankind’s responsibility for the world, the tackling of crises.

Theologians are expected to give founded answers.  That requires commitment. The foundation and centre of theology is the Bible and its interpretation. It is read in the ancient languages of Hebrew and Greek and we continue to make interesting discoveries, even in texts that have been known for years.

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Founding Faculty

When the University was founded upon the initiative of the lawyer and mayor Heinrich Rubenow in Greifswald Cathedral in 1456, it included two Professors of Theology from the very beginning. The Faculty of Theology is one of the founding faculties of the University and today has approx. 400 students.

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The University of Greifswald is a small and thriving university with rich traditions and valuable works of art. At present there are roughly 10,000 students enrolled at the University, 300 of them at the Faculty of Theology.

The family atmosphere makes studying here a pleasant experience.

In addition to the classical theological disciplines such as Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Religious Education/Media Education, there are also three institutes that complement research and teaching.

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The Faculty of Theology in Greifswald


Ernst Lohmeyer Building

Ernst Lohmeyer: The 19th September 2016 marked the 70th anniversary of an event that is specifically linked to the history of our University. On this day, Ernst Lohmeyer, Professor of the New Testament and the first Rector of the Alma Mater after the war, was shot by a Soviet military tribunal following false accusations. He was completely exonerated in 1996 by the Attorney-General of the Russian Federation. In 2000, the building which houses the Faculty of Theology on the Rubenowplatz was named after him and in 2015, also the square in the new campus Loefflerstrasse. In October 2016, an international symposium was held in the Krupp Kolleg focussing on the current state of research around the life and work of Ernst Lohmeyer. Contributions from this as well as previously unpublished biographical material published in the series 'Greifswalder Theologische Forschungen’, ed. Christfried Böttrich, GThF 28, Leipzig 2018.

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