University Church Services

Greifswald University Church Services in the Summer Semester 2023

All services take place at 6 pm in St. Nikolai Cathedral.

This semester we are pleased to be cooperating with the Pomeranian State Museum, which enables us to illustrate pictures and artefacts in the service in a special way under the motto "Picture Stories".

Sunday, 16 April 2023
"Friedrich's Light" - Semester Opening Service
with the university preacher Prof. Dr. Tobias Braune-Krickau

Sunday, 14 May 2023
"Adam's Boundaries" - Service
with the student congregations ESG, KSG and SMD

Sunday, 4 June 2023
"Schroeder's Beach" - Church Service
with Prof. Dr. Christfried Böttrich

Sunday, 16 July 2023
"Futile Surf" - End-of-Semester Service
with the Director of the Preaching and Study Seminary Pastor Dr. Emilia Handke



The University Church Service

St. Nikolai's Cathedral in Greifswald; the image rights are held by the cathedral congregation.

The academic church services have been a set part of university life for more than 100 years, since winter semester 1890/91. The office of University Chaplain also has a long tradition at the University of Greifswald. 

Academic services have been an integral part of university life for over a hundred years, since the winter semester of 1890/91. The office of University Chaplain also has a long tradition.

On four Sundays during the semester, the ecumenical university services take place in St. Nikolai Cathedral. They are aimed in particular at the students and all members of the university, but also at the Greifswald public. The services are characterised by their special musical arrangements, sermons by various members of the university and other public figures, and lively student participation.

The Greifswald University Services are the responsibility of the University Chaplain, Prof. Dr. Tobias Braune-Krickau [de], the Institute of Church Music and Musicology, in person by Prof. Frank Dittmer [de] and Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider, as well as the three Christian university congregations, ESG [de], KSG [de] and SMD.

A warm welcome to all!

English Church Services

The Protestant Johannes-Kirchengmeinde provides English Church Services. 


Light - Shadow
Nature - Creation
Minor - Major

Persons involved

Since the winter semester 2021 / 2022, Professor Tobias Braune-Krickau has held the office of University Chaplain. The university service is organised together with the Institute of Church Music and Musicology under the direction of Prof. Frank Dittmer and Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider and the university congregations ESG, KSG and SMD.

Photo: Prof. Dr. Braune-Krickau

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